The Long Road South v.7

After the pack up, clean up and obligatory factory store visits, we finally left Torquay by 4pm (original goal: 10am), which was fine, because we'd had a sweet day. It only turned sweeter as we set out in our convoy, now made up of 3 cars - Kenno and I in one, Janie and Koffo in the next and Sera and Lisa in her camper - onto the beginning of the Great Ocean Road.

It felt good to be moving again after 4 days in Torquay - so good that we had our first stop after all of 40 minutes at the Lorne pier which looked stunning on a placid, clear evening. We all loaded out and took our time taking in the beauty of the evening; each shooting copious amounts of photos in the stunning light. Sera struck up conversation with the oldest fisherman on the jetty and discovered quite quickly that he was Italian. As she had spent the previous 18 months in Italy, she was amped to be able to speak Italian to him and had a grand old time talking about the motherland.

Our goal was to get to at least Wye or Kennet River, but as dusk had well and truly descended, we headed back into town for an epic round of fish and chips, debating wildly where we could or should stay that night. We found a free campsite listed just out of town, so decided to start there. It was pitch black by the time we started checking it out and the actual camping spots were 200m from the car park, so we had no idea what we were in for. Eventually the decision was made that we'd go for it, and we set about carrying in a ton of gear, erecting the tents and creating a decent fire to fight off the ever-growing cold.

Sleep came much faster than anticipated and despite good intentions of a good old round of campfire story and song, everyone was out within half an hour, save for the grumpy old kangaroo who made funny grinding noises just outside our circle of light...