The Long Road South v.6

Tuesday morning was a repeat of the previous day with an early out to Beacon, but with a decreased swell and a slightly contrary wind, we opted for the warmth of a nice cafe in Barwon Heads we'd seen the previous day called Annie's instead of a frosty, inconsistent surf. Annie's is everything you want in a cafe, stunning food, amazing coffee, fascinating layout with good design, quirky handmade tables and all sort of fresh produce lining the walls. We fell in love with the place and stayed a long, long time, before heading back into the cold of the morning.

While driving back past Beacon, current world number 3 ranked surfer, Jordy Smith, happened to run straight in front of us. So of course we pulled in, suited up, and jumped in the water for the chance to see some epic surfing firsthand. Not only was Jordy out, but also Cory Lopez and a couple other O'neill team members. Before long we were joined once again by Tom Curren's son, Pat, and his friends, with Tom sitting on the beach to watch. We ended up having a super fun surf while also having front seats to a sweet show of surfing.

Upon coming in we noticed another peak being dominated by pros and discovered CJ Hobgood and our friend, Abe Andrews, the ASP World Tour Chaplain, destroying a sick little beachie. We took our time in the car park; starving and cold, but surrounded by our heroes, before taking off for the big pack-up and preparation for the beginning of the Great Ocean Road.