The Long Road South v.4

Sunday kicked off with the early start of Koffo and Sera arriving at 6am, having driven all night straight. It was freezing and the race out to Beacon at Thirteenth Beach promised a lowly grovel in the 2ft slop. We had a surprising amount of fun kicking it together though and by the time we hit breakfast in town we had marked it up as a very worthwhile venture.

From the energy of the morning, we turned to laziness, cruising through the Torquay markets on the park by the beach and eventually falling sleep while eating fresh fruit and browsing the fruits of Frankie and Yen. At some point in the late afternoon we headed home for more of the same and by the time the sun had downed and the temperature had disappeared entirely we rugged up with every piece of clothing we had and set out for a long walk in search of more food. It came in the form of a sweet little pizza and pasta place, which tied us over through our viewing of the youngest Harrison Ford imaginable, starring beside an equally fresh-faced Ron Howard, in American Graffiti. And then, sweet, sweet sleep.