The Long Road South v.2

While in Torquay we stayed with Steve and Kirsty Brown, and their son Josiah. Steve is a friend of Kenno's and super-keen surfer. I hadn't met a surfer as amped for quite some time. As soon as we walked in the door on the Friday night it was straight into conversation about how good it had been the day before, how bad it was looking for the next couple days, and if there was any possibility of us finding something, somewhere. 10 minutes and we were talking about a Rake Mini-Simmons for sale down the road. 15 minutes and we had George Greenough's "Crystal Voyager" playing in the background, making us salivate over the thought of barrels and escape. He has a sweet collection of boards and we spent time looking through them, with the exhortation before each, "You have to give this board a go, it's amazing!" Spending time with a frother like Steve is good for an apathetic soul like mine! It was awesome to meet, stay, hang and surf with him.

Originally intending to stay for a day or two, we ended up quite a few days in Torquay. Sera Hicks and Mike Koffo, who were also supposed to leave with us on Friday, had been hung up with car problems, and aren't the fastest of movers in the best of times, so Kenno, Janie and I settled in to Steve and Kirsty's hospitality.