The Long Road South v.12

Some things just take time. Like building an airplane or creating a sculpture or writing a book. Driving to Sydney from Adelaide is like that. There are many diversions along the way, they're very enjoyable and certainly part of the journey, but you have to press on and finish at some point.

We woke up in our little town freezing cold, soaked through with dew, tired and sore, but couldn't be happier. Our night under the stars was the best moment of the trip, and as the bright sun slowly rose we became aware of the fact that we were located either in or directly next to a train yard. We knew all we could possibly think of doing that day was to drive, but a good exploration of our surroundings was impossible to pass up. Between the trains, the general store and the abandoned businesses we were pretty proud of where we'd stumbled upon and swore we needed to research it - remembering its name would have been a good start there.

The day proceeded with a whole lot of road, lunch on the Murray River, stopping far too frequently and passing the same trucks over and over again. You know the drill. It's a long process and daunting, but you wouldn't want to be anywhere else than on the open road, sharing the journey with new friends you'll have for life. Bring on the next one...