The Long Road South v.11

The journey home from our maiden South Australia adventure was fascinating. Despite living in Australia nearly half of my life, and having seen a large majority of the coast, I had never been inland more than driving to Melbourne via Gundagai and Hollbrook. On our drive, we steered off the road as much as we could in a race to get back before the end of the long weekend and saw amazing foliage, beautiful scenes and more mice on a road than have ever been witnessed by our collective eyes - or could possibly be fathomed by our collective minds!

Crossing the Murray on a barge on sunset capped the day nicely and a pub meal at one very empty Lameroo Hotel gave way to a running race down Lameroo's main street on very full stomachs. The end result of that wasn't pretty, but you should all know that Kenno can run like the wind.

We drove and drove until eyelids could not stay open by any force including double-ended needles, so we pulled off into a town whose name I could never repeat and whose existence on a map would be questionable. They happened to have a rest stop on the main road that consisted of an entire three shops and it was there that we set up camp, with four mattresses laid together directly under a sky that could not possibly have held more stars.