Black Point

In June I was able to head back to the town of my birth, Busselton, Western Australia, and hang out with the oldest of my friends. I was shooting a wedding in Perth and had one day to sneak down south and catch up with whoever I could find. Driving the 3 hours from Perth early that morning, I had arranged to go for a surf with Noel Kara.

Noel is one-of-a-kind. He's a pastor, musician, husband, father of five and THE eternal grommet. I have no idea how old he is, but if one were to guess based solely on energy and surf-amp, he is definitely no older than 15. I have never known anyone as amped on surfing as him, and I've come across a whole lot of surfers. 

The problem of a morning surf with Noel, is that an end time to the surf is very hard to determine, and will always be far later than expected. I had accounted for this on the journey down, but I had an enitre day, surely it would work.

No more than a minute after I arrived at Noel's we were off in his trusty Jackaroo to pick up Christian Surfers Australia National Director, Steve Bailey, and CS WA Regional Coordinator Ben Fearnley for a full surf mission.

I grew up surfing the whole stretch of South West WA, but had not been to Black Point, the furthest break south and east on the coast, since I was exceptionally young, mainly due to the fact of it's distance, so of course, that was where we were heading.

I was aware it was far, but by the time we were half-way through the 45-minute 4WD track, I knew any chance of hanging out with anyone else that day was most certainly gone. As unfortunate as that was, the chance to surf with this crew was hard to beat and as we pulled up and raced out to find an offshore, peeling 4-6ft right point, I was almost as frothing as Noel.

We had an epic day of surf and fellowship, and I did manage to catch up with a couple childhood friends I hadn't seen in over 13 years, which was all-time in its own right.

Originally supposed to fly out that night and with no chance of that happening, I changed flights, driving the 3 hours back very late at night with sufficient nap breaks and coffee fueling the way home from a day to remember...