New Amnesia Skies

I've spent many hours, days and weeks traversing back and forth across the United States of America, shooting untold amounts of film along the way, much of which has been buried in my drawers, unseen even by me. I'm finally going through it all and will start posting it across social media, leading to an eventual exhibition and publication of some description, all under the name #NewAmnesiaSkies. Stolen (with permission) from Stolen Violin, who in various ways provided the soundtrack for many of the journeys...

The Sunshine State v.1

You should all know that I have fallen in love...

 ...with a Polaroid Land Camera.

She has issues, as would anyone of her age, but nothing that a little time and tender-loving-care can't overcome.

Her biggest problem is that the only sustenance she craves is original Polaroid film, all of which only exists in the terrifying (and terrifyingly expensive) LAND OF EBAY, and whose supply diminishes by the day, never to return.

Fuji do a fine job keeping the film creating process alive, but the colours, tones and completely insane behaviour of THE REAL THING cannot be duplicated. Not by Fuji. Not by Apple. Not by Instaspam. Not even by the wonderful people at VSCO.

I recently traipsed five of the mighty United States collecting images on said chemicals, some successfully and some terribly unsuccessfully. Herewith are a first handful from The Sunshine State (Florida).

Shea Parton

Trolling through some old shots I came across this capture of the men behind Apolis Activism, a wonderful brand worthy of your attention. Shea and Raan Parton are two of the nicest, most accommodating people you'll ever meet and absolutely shred on the surf-sliders. They create stunning clothes that circumspectly create fair trade work and raise money for great charities. Check them out now!

I took this in front of their LA warehouse on a stay in 2009, during which we visited third brother, Stenn, at his Manhattan Beach pad and surfed the smallest waves imaginable. 

Shea is also a former roommate, all-night-study-while-drinking-copious-amounts-of-liquid-practicer and a student of the ka-ra-te!