At some point along the way, and I really don't remember when or how, I acquired a SEM Kim. Camerapedia tells me a SEM Kim is a 35mm rangefinder made by the French camera maker SEM in 1947 and that it was a relaunch of Cornu's Renya. That is literally all I know about the camera except for the fact that is very small, rather hard to operate and has certainly lived quite a life already. A couple years ago I loaded in a roll of black and white film and carried it around with me every now and again, never quite figuring out how to wind it successfully and clearly misjudging the exposure without a light meter. The result is this collection of mainly accidentally double-exposed pictures that feature a very mixed bag of light...

Watts Kids

Upon returning recently from the southern parts of our fair country, I headed straight for coffee with Nicholas and Daniel Watts (Beanstalk, of course). The Watts kids, comprised of Nick, Jono, Dan and Allira set the bar high for class and maturity amongst their peers, and of course much of that can be attributed to their parents, Rick and Suzanne. A cafe stop with any member of the family is a welcome experience any time, with plenty of solid conversation fodder always at the ready. It was Dan's 19th on Friday so this can also suffice as a birthday tribute. Cheers sunshine!