The Long Road South v.9

Shifting from a cold and wet night of sleep tenting in the beautiful Australian bush the previous evening to a dry, overly hot and crowded hotel room, with wallpaper and carpet straight from the browntown 70's, was quite the contrast, and I certainly know which one I prefer. Rising early from heat exhaustion I headed out camera in hand and set off to explore the unironically coastal town of Portland.

Lo and behold, directly in front of me upon walking out the door was a port. I started heading for it, but noticed a massive rainbow in the other direction, and a beautiful old church up the road. I did my best (poor) to capture the astonishing beauty of that scene before walking down and around a little jetty playing home to some quaint old fishing boats, each looking like unique characters that could have easily come straight out of Scuffy the Tugboat.

A huge front was fast approaching so I headed back to find a good coffee shop. That turned into far more of a mission than I had expected, as so far good coffee was always at arms reach. Not so in Portland, and by the time I had searched every obvious location and become decently soaked, Sera and Koffo appeared on a mission to find a supermarket to buy a big shared breakfast. So a new mission began, with a Safeway found and attacked in short order. We grabbed the others and set off back to the jetty for a picnic breakfast in the cold rain that couldn't have been far from sleet.

Eventually we packed up and set off to look for surf, catching wind that it should be cranking. After an unsuccessful mission to find the main secret spot in town and a scoping of a beachbreak featuring small closeouts in a protected corner, growing out to the largest beachbreak waves of all time, we decided we had to just get on the road as we were due 6 hours away in Victor Harbour that night. So, of course, we went back into town in Portland, performed coffee search number two (just as unsuccessful as the first and yielded thee worst coffee ever), perused every op shop in town and only then did we actually finally hit the road.

The rain made way for beautiful, sunny open road and it felt good to be driving. We made it as far as Kingston with barely a stop, but upon refuelling discovered Sera's father's car had some internal issue or other (car engines are so far removed from my intellect that I could barely name one piece in them). It was the last day before the Easter weekend and 4pm, leaving a mechanic essentially out of the question. After checking out the main tourist attraction in town, the Giant Prawn (respectable), and Lisa and I made our way through a tractor museum (something I really did not think existed), we called and begged and found someone around the corner and all worked long and hard to discover and rectify the problem, while I focused my attention on the latest Dumbo Feather (good magazine that!) and caught up on my Words With Friends games. 

By the time the riddle was solved dark had descended and it was well past dinner time. Turns out Kingston has a good bit more class than Portland and we found an amazing restaurant housed inside an historical shearing shed. It had been entirely refitted and unbelievably well-maintaned by the same couple who served us, and featured the work of many local artists throughout. As we sat down a huge thunderstorm roared through town and we wined and dined in our warm, comfortable shed, declaring it our celebratory end of road trip meal. After which we hopped in our cars and drove another 5 hours, well into the night, rocking up at Victor Harbor with eyelids propped open by pegs and crashed into our new homes for the weekend with a dull thud.