Southbound Train

A short while ago I reckoned my longstanding sidekick - the trustworthy Nikon FM I'd held 6 years - to be truly deceased (but for special occasions that demand large amounts of light declaring their prescence at will). Having made this decision I set about purchasing two bright, shiny new ones (at least as new as a 40 year old camera can be), so as to be able to consectuively run colour and black and white and not have to worry about what roll I was currently stuck with. Thankfully the eBay machine was good to me and I acquired two fresh FM bodies with two fresh Nikkor lenses, including a much sought after 50mm 1.4, without too much trouble or cost.

Excited and ready to put my new toys to work I set off down the coast for our annual Christian Surfers Regional Challenge. As tends to be the case with such weekends the surf was pumping, so the cameras sat fairly idle, but a few shots slipped through, as did the film. While learning the ways of my new bodies I inadvertantly shot a handful of double exposures. They didn't come out great, but they are interesting at least and so I showcase them here, along with the rest...

puerto viejo

While in Peru for the Christian Surfers Americas Conference a bunch of us managed to slip down to the classic left point of Puerto Viejo one afternoon. It was a mission based around maximising water time, so I had about a minute to shoot photos of the epic sunset before we had to race back. It was the only instance of the sun appearing throughout my entire trip. Apparently Lima is almost perputally grey, and certainly was while I was there, so a bit of sun was quite the delight and the little lefts peeling off the bar at Puerto Viejo were well worth rushing around for.

The Long Road South v.10

Christian Surfers are a unique brand of personage. Combining a love for Jesus and a passion for the ocean seems to mesh them into some kind of crazy, over-exciteable perpetual grommets. They roam in packs worldwide and back up the (sometimes derogatory) conception that Christians are always happy - by genuinely always being stoked.

I've grown up with this lot from as young as I can remember and can't imagine life without them. They're like one big multi-boardcraft, multi-cultural, multi-gender, multi-lingual, multi-denominational family that somehow always gets along and creates all kinds of sweet camps, contests and adventures along the way.

The end goal of our road trip was the Christian Surfers National Gathering in Victor Harbor and it was awesome to meet together with 150 others like us and spend the Easter weekend hanging out; worshipping, learning, searching for surf and getting our dance on! The weekend contained way too much to cover here, but suffice to say it was an epic time and one that won't be forgotten in a hurry.

These photos are from the afternoon of one of the best days of my life. We spent it driving all around Victor Harbor looking for any kind of waves that wasn't closing out or ridiculously fat. After a couple hours searching we finally found a sweet, pitching right and surfed through the dusk of an amazing sunset with a beautiful view of the famed South Australian plains to boot.

Tarpaulin Surf Sliding

Tarp surfing is the latest craze hitting the surf kid's streets and for this we must thank the internets. Ever since some Santa Cruz pro surfers posted a video online of their flat day fun shaping a tarpaulin into a barrel, grommets old and young around the world have followed suit and my local CS crew is no exception. We had some excitement last night taping two tarps together for some larger barrels and keeping up with the times. Course duct tape and cable ties always come in handy for some good, old-fashioned grommet abuse also...