The Escarpment

With possibly the best name for a band from the Illawarra ever conceived, and a sound that I have quite proudly decided is akin to Tom Petty - if he grew up in Australia as a surfer - The Escarpment are a new band on the local music scene, but its members certainly aren't fresh-faced kids. These guys have put in the hard yards and have a sound to prove it.

They called me one rainy summer's eve and we set out, looking for gaps in the rain, only to be surprised by one phenomenal, rainbow-filled sunset.

Tourist Exhibition Opening

I'll be holding an opening for the Tourist exhibition today at lee and me, 4:30-6:30pm, which will double as a fundraiser for students in Cambodia, whom I visited last year and are pictured below.

Drinks will be free but there will be a bucket for donations, with all money going to Cambodia. Also, I have printed a zine to accompany the exhibition. These will be for sale for $15 with $5 from each going to the students. And the big one - any photos sold at the opening, $100 from the sale will go directly towards food, housing and education for one of the beautiful faces below. Hopefully see you there!


Keeley Rees

Friend and model/actress Keeley Rees contacted me a little while ago keen to shoot some photos for her portfolio. I've always tended to stay away from staged shoots as I prefer to capture life as it happens, but I really enjoyed working with Keeley, and with Peach & Tree partner Jes Meacham - of Ruth & Rose fame - on hand to give some direction it was a breeze...

One Two Three

Next weekend I have the honour of sharing wall space with two great talents, Simon Perini (Simple Machine) and Matt Johnson (The Sea Life). Our work will be hanging in the idyllic Clifton School of Arts through Saturday and Sunday, July 9-10, with a special fun-times evening opening on Saturday, July 9 from 5:30pm. Full info is at We would love to hang out with your beautiful selves there on top of the Sea Cliff Bridge!


I've been asked to shoot a few weddings over the last couple years and despite losing years of my life from the stress of such a venture, I have quite enjoyed sharing the special day of some great friends, and have made some great friends along the way too. I just realised that there isn't much documentation of such online seeing as i still haven't had the chance to rebuild my website. So, should you be in the loving mood or interested in my services for your own day of dreams, I've put a small album up on my Facebook page for you to peruse. You can check that out here.

My initial kick into proper wedding photography came from the wonderful Gem and Nathan Speeden, who have just celebrated their second anniversary. They run a sweet little crafts company called 'hunter gatherer' and their blog deserves a visit right now!