48 Hours in Baja

Despite the complete and utter exhaustion of each big day and the weeks spent sitting in front of a computer editing, wedding photography definitely does have its perks. One such perk was 48 hours in Baja California for Jeza's bucks that completely coincidentally coincided with the best swell that particular Mexican peninsula had seen in many months. It's amazing how much surf and how many fish tacos you can fit in 48 hours. Seriously amazing...

The Escarpment

With possibly the best name for a band from the Illawarra ever conceived, and a sound that I have quite proudly decided is akin to Tom Petty - if he grew up in Australia as a surfer - The Escarpment are a new band on the local music scene, but its members certainly aren't fresh-faced kids. These guys have put in the hard yards and have a sound to prove it.

They called me one rainy summer's eve and we set out, looking for gaps in the rain, only to be surprised by one phenomenal, rainbow-filled sunset.

New Amnesia Skies

I've spent many hours, days and weeks traversing back and forth across the United States of America, shooting untold amounts of film along the way, much of which has been buried in my drawers, unseen even by me. I'm finally going through it all and will start posting it across social media, leading to an eventual exhibition and publication of some description, all under the name #NewAmnesiaSkies. Stolen (with permission) from Stolen Violin, who in various ways provided the soundtrack for many of the journeys...